Fitness Local Samples


Fitness Local Samples


Get a taste of Fitness Local's hot, new supplement range with a free sample of your choice! Choose from our protein powders, weight loss supplements and other performance-enhancing supplements, without spending a penny! 

To claim your free sample, let us know what you'd like by phone (01502 565333) or email (, then simply visit us to collect.

If you'd rather have your sample delivered, then there will be £1 charge to cover the postage, just select the product you'd like to try and proceed to checkout!

If you'd like advice from our team of personal trainers and sports nutritionists, email, or call us on 01502 565333. 

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The samples for our protein supplements include a single serving (35g) of protein powder, our samples for capsules include 6 capsules. Samples are limited to one per person. 

There is nothing to pay for our samples, however if you would like us to post them to you, you will need to pay the shipping fees. You can pick up your sample from us at Fitness Local within our gym opening hours to avoid shipping costs.