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TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.      Nature of the Agreement If you sign this agreement, you will become a member of the club that is referred to overleaf. This agreement sets out the terms that will govern the relationship between us. The owners of the club that is referred to overleaf, and you, a member of the club. 2.   The Minimum  Membership Period You have chosen the ‘‘Minimum Membership Period” referred to overleaf. YOU  MUST PAY THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE MINIMUM MEMBERSHIP PERIOD  UNLESS YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS TERMINATED WITHOUT LIABILITY, SUSPENDED OR TRANSFERRED AS  SET OUT BELOW. Your right to terminate this agreement without liability. Your  right to  terminate this  agreement without  liability is set out  in clause 5. In particular,  you may terminate this agreement  at any time if the facilities or  the services we provide fall well below  the standard that you reasonably expect us  to provide. Your right to suspend this agreement. We  will  suspend  your membership  during the Minimum  Membership Period if  and when you provide written  confirmation that (a) you, your  spouse or your partner (if living  at the same address) has begun to claim income  support or (b) you provide a letter from your GP  to prove that you (i) have been advised not to use  the club for a medical reason (ii) are pregnant or gave  birth in the last 3 months. We will review your circumstances every 2 months. If  your circumstances have not changed, we will suspend your membership for a further  2 months, unless you tell us that you would prefer to cancel your membership which  you may do without any further obligation on your part. Whilst  your membership  is suspended, you  will be relieved of  your obligation to pay  your monthly membership subscription  and we will be relieved of our obligation  to allow you to use the facilities at the dub,  The period of suspension will not count as part of  the Minimum Membership Period. Your right to cancel this agreement. We will  cancel your  membership during  the minimum membership  period without any further  obligation on your part if you  are not reasonably able to access  the club in the following circumstances. You  must either (a) provide a letter from your  doctor  to prove  that you have  been advised not  to use the club for  the foreseeable future for  a medical reason; or (b) provide  written confirmation (e.g. a letter  from your employer) to prove that the location  of your main place of work has changed and is  more than 15 miles from the club; or (c) you provide  written confirmation (e.g. utility bills) to prove that you  have moved more than 15 miles from the club. Your right to transfer this agreement. We will transfer your membership to another person (provided they do not have an existing relationship with the club) during the minimum membership period it (a) he or she agrees to become a member for the remainder of the minimum membership period;(b) he or she agrees to pay an induction fee of £35 and; (c) he or she is introduced to us by you. What happens if I fall into arrears with my membership subscriptions during the Minimum Membership Period? We will be relieved of our obligation to allow you to use the facilities at the club if any payment is more than 7 days overdue. Unless we have exercised our right to terminate this agreement, your monthly membership subscription will continue to fall due throughout the Minimum Membership Period even though you may not be entitled to use the facilities at the club. It you become liable to pay a membership subscription or other sums during the Minimum Membership Period that relates to a period during which you were not allowed to use the facilities at the club following the termination of your membership, we will grant you fees use of the facilities for an equivalent period after the minimum membership period has ended provided  (i) you pay the membership subscription for the earlier period or the sum due in respect thereof and (ii) we have not in the meantime terminated your membership on the grounds of your behavior in accordance with clause 5. What happens at the end of the Minimum Membership Period? Your membership will automatically be extended once the Minimum Membership Period has ended for consecutive one month period unless this agreement has been terminated or cancelled. If there is a change in the monthly subscription you will be notified in advance and have the right to cancel your membership in accordance with clause 3. What happens if I want to bring my membership to an end after the Minimum Membership Period has ended? You may cancel your membership without further obligation on your part provided you give us at least 1 month prior notice of your intention to do so. 3.      Cancellation Either  party may  cancel your  membership (a)  at the end of the  Minimum Membership Period  by giving at least 1 month  prior notice or (b) at any time  thereafter by giving at least 1 month  prior notice. If  we decide  to change your  monthly subscription  after the Minimum Membership  Period we will inform you at least  one month before any increase comes into  effect. You have the right to terminate your membership  if you do not agree the new monthly subscription. if you  do not terminate your membership, the new monthly subscription  will become payable from the date stated on the notification, which  will be at least 1 month after such notification. 4.      Payment The  initial  payment specified  overleaf and all subsequent  membership subscriptions must be  paid in full to Fitness Local. All  subsequent membership subscriptions are  payable at the beginning of the month to which  they relate. Please note that additional charges may  be required for certain services (e.g. Sauna, massages, physiotherapy etc.). If  you fail  to make a  payment without  good cause, and  is not intended as  notice of termination  under clause 5 below, Fitness Local  is entitled to, and may charge you a  £25 administration fee for dealing with the  consequences of each default, which is a reasonable  estimate of the administration costs we will incur. If  charged, this sum will be added to your account/ the next  payment to be made. 5.      Termination This  agreement  may be terminated  (a) in the circumstances  set out below or (b) by either  party at any time in response to any  other serious breach of the, other party's  obligations under this agreement, Termination for our fault You  may terminate  this agreement in  accordance with clause  9 below at any time if  the facilities or the services  we provide fall well below the  standard that you reasonably expect  us to provide. Termination where you fail to pay If  any payment  due from you  remains unpaid for  a period of three months  or longer, we may serve a final  warning notice on you in respect of  any outstanding sums due. If, after the  expiry of a period of one month from the  date of receipt of that final warning upon  you, any sum which the final warning required  you to pay has not been paid, then this will  be treated as a repudiation of your obligations under  this agreement and we may terminate the agreement. We will  assume that the notice has reached you 2 working days after it  is sent by first class post or, if sent by email before 4pm, on  that day. Termination for your fault We  may terminate  this agreement at  any time if (a) your  treatment of another dub  member or a member of the  club's staff falls well below  the standard of consideration that  we reasonably expect and (b) having been  asked to remedy your conduct you fail to  do so within 7 days of the receipt of a written  warning; or having been asked to remedy your conduct  you do the same thing again within 6 months of the receipt of  a written warning. Effect  of termination  by us during the  minimum membership period  under this clause if  we terminate  this agreement  during the minimum  membership period (except  where it is for our fault you  will become immediately liable to  pay (i) the arrears, if any, plus  (ii) the monthly membership subscriptions,  if any, that would otherwise have fallen due  before the end of the minimum membership period  less credit for accelerated receipt in respect of  payments failing due after the actual date of termination. This  credit  shall be  calculated at  4% above the Official  Bank Rate published by the  Bank of England at the date of  termination per annum, from the mid-point  between the date of termination and the date when  the final monthly membership subscription would otherwise  have fallen due, For example, if we terminate the agreement  on 31st July 2014, and the final monthly membership payment would  otherwise have fallen due on 31st January 2015, the mid-point between  those dates is 30th October 2014. The credit which will be allowed for  accelerated receipt will be calculated at 4% per annum over the Official Bank  Rate on all the payments which would have fallen due after 31st July 2014, from  30th October 2014 to 31st January 2015. 6.      Your Responsibilities You  must treat  all club members  and staff with the  consideration that you  would reasonably expect them to  show to you. In particular, you  must not make remarks that are rude  or offensive or behave in a manner that  is dishonest, aggressive or indecent. You  confirm  that the  information  that you provide  to us on the form  overleaf or subsequently  is accurate. If any of the  relevant information changes you  agree to notify us of any significant  changes e.g. as to your name, address and  account details as soon as practicable and in  any event before the next monthly payment falls  due. 7.      Your Rights We  will  be liable  to compensate  you if you suffer  a personal injury or  die as a result of our  negligence. We will compensate  you if you suffer any other loss  as a result of our failure to carry  out our obligations under this agreement,  provided that (a) our failure did not occur  as a result of your own fault or (b) our breach  could not have been avoided even if we or those acting  on our behalf had taken reasonable care. Nothing in these terms will affect your statutory rights.  If you need further information about your statutory rights  contact a Citizen's Advice Bureau. 7A. Transfer of rights under the agreement In  the circumstances  set out in clause  2 above, you may transfer  your membership under this agreement to  another person within the Minimum Membership  Period, but not after the Minimum Membership Period. We  reserve  the right  to transfer  our rights and  obligations under  this agreement to a  third party, where that  person takes over the ownership  and control of the club. 8.      Data Protection What we do with your personal information We  will  process  your personal  information in accordance  with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. We  will  use your  personal information  for membership purposes  and to provide you with our services,  collect and manage your payments under the  agreement, and in appropriate circumstances, enforce  the agreement. Biometric information We  may use  fingerprint  scanners for  security purposes  or to control entry  to our premises or for  the provision of other services.  If you agree to the collection of  your fingerprint, then you will be able  to access the premises or other services using  this method. You have the right to refuse to provide  your fingerprint for these purposes. if you refuse you will  have to provide another adequate method of identification in order  to secure entry to the club. Your  fingerprint  will be stored  securely by us and  we will not share it  with anyone else, except  if the ownership or control  of the club is transferred. On termination of your membership your biometric information, i.e.  your fingerprint will be deleted from our systems within 3 months. Sharing your personal information We  may need  to share your  information with  third parties in certain  circumstances, for example, in  the event of a dispute or on  a payment default by you. In  addition,  if the ownership  or control of the  club is likely to be  transferred, we may need  to share your information with  prospective operators or owners.  If the ownership of the club changes  we or the new owner will notify you of  the change of ownership. We  will  not use,  sell or otherwise  disclose your personal  information for marketing purposes  unless you consent. Disclosure of your information on your default If  you fail  to make payment  of sums due in respect  of which a notice making  time of the essence has been  served, and we terminate the agreement  under clause 5 above, you agree that we  may register the sum due upon termination and  calculated under clause 5 with a credit reference  agency and pass on that information to other financial  organizations. In the event that we have to take legal proceedings  to recover monies from you, your information may also be shared with  advisors, courts and other tribunals. Except  as set out  above or as required  by law, your personal details  will not be disclosed to outside organizations  and/or individuals without your consent. You  are entitled  to see what information  is held about you and to  insist that inaccurate information  is corrected. The appropriate person  to contact for further information about  how we use your information is: the manager  of the club identified on the front page of  this agreement. Retention of personal data We will retain  your personal information  for a period of up to 7  years after termination of your membership.  Barometric data will only be retained by us  for a period of up to 3 months after termination  of your membership. Thereafter, it will be deleted. 9.      General notices We  recommend  that you notify Fitness Local either at the address, or via the email address, listed overleaf. How to provide notice of termination We  would  prefer written  notice of termination  to be sent to us by email  or by letter. However, you can  also communicate your decision to  terminate to us by speaking to our staff.
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