Exercise Classes at Fitness Local: Lowestoft

At Fitness Local, we believe in giving you all the tools you need to get fit. This includes our fun and effective exercise classes. You can read more about the fitness classes we offer below and you can see our class timetable here. 



This class is great for beginners and experienced gym-goers alike!

In 30 minutes, you'll work your whole body using 20 second exercise, 10 second rest intervals.

... and it's not only is good for you, it's also great fun!


Step Class

Sweat to the beat! Our simple but effective step classes are a great way to get the blood pumping and the fat melting in no time!



Tone up and improve your fitness with this tough, all-round fitness class. You’ll build your strength, improve your fitness and shrink your waist with this one!



Burn more calories and enhance your cardiovascular fitness at an accelerated rate with High Intensity Interval Training classes!


Ab Blast

Strengthen your core and tone your abs with this slower class that incorporates all of the most effective core training exercises.


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